Shah Rukh Khan promotes Billu on B4U Music

Shah Rukh Khan promotes Billu

Shah Rukh Khan promotes Billu
Shah Rukh Khan promotes Billu
MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a chat with VJ Salil on B4U Star Stop.

He speaks about his forthcoming film Billu, his health and family amongst other things.

Khan reveals that he prefers creativity, to all other financial aspects of a film although he is an astute and sharp businessman.

His reaction to pot-shots toward him is very unique. "I prefer the pot-shots rather than not being recognized at all. This is the life I chose so I take it in my stride although it does get irksome at times," he says.

According to him, his forthcoming home production – Billu – directed by Priyadarshan represents a film about simple people and their relationships and happiness they derive from their lives.

The episode will be aired on 12 and 13 February at 7.10 pm on B4U Music.