Shilpa Shetty opens her second spa in Mumbai

Shilpa Sheety

Shilpa Sheety
Shilpa Sheety
MUMBAI: Shilpa Shetty is soon becoming more of a businesswoman than an actress. The entrepreneur is overjoyed at the second spa that she opened in a suburb in Mumbai over the weekend.

Talking about the spa to, she says, "Iosis is an extension of my belief in healthy living. Apart from a good diet and exercise, the body needs massage to be completely relaxed, especially in our hectic day to day schedules."

Shetty ‘s business acumen has increased ever since she won the Big Brother title in London. Confessed the actress, "Yes I have been busy. First it was the Miss Bollywood musical, with which I toured many European cities. Then I launched my signature perfume S2. As soon as the marketing of that got over, it was the start of the preparation of the yoga dvd. That took a lot of time. After we shot it in Kerala, I was all over the place to promote it. Following the dvd launch, I got involved in IPL."

Buying a stake in the Rajasthan Royals and thereafter its location shift to South Africa completely made her schedule go haywire. She said, "I was exhausted after the IPL. It was such a roller coaster ride. I needed a break after IPL and so had a good vacation in London for three weeks. But thereafter, we had to organize a match in London. The proceeds of the match which was almost a half a million pounds, was donated to the Prince Charles’ cause. And now it’s Iosis. My life is one never ending stream of one meeting after another."

Shetty is also shooting for Sunny Deol’s The Man which will start its last schedule in September. And close friends of Shetty say that all these changes have come after she met Raj Kundra, who is a very successful businessman. Ask Shetty that and she smiles, "What can I say after he gifted me an IPL team. Now I have to be involved."