Slumdog’s casting & co-director Loveleen Tandan to direct

Loveleen Tandan Story

Loveleen Tandan Story
Loveleen Tandan Story
MUMBAI: Slumdog Millionaire’s casting and co-director Loveleen Tandan is all set to don the director’s hat.

Tandan has already begun scripting for the same but refuses to divulge details. "After Slumdog Millionaire I will direct my own movie. I am scripting it currently, but no other details are finalized,"she tells

Tandon has also been a casting director and assistant director on various films in the past such as Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake and Vanity Fair.

Commenting on her experience working on Slumdog Millionaire, she says, "As soon I read the script of Slumdog, I knew it belonged to India. It was a great experience to work on this film with Danny. I constantly gave him inputs on how certain things are acceptable and unacceptable in India and he was very open to all the suggestions."

Tandan’s association with Slumdog Millionaire started as a casting director for the film, as it was to be shot in India. As the casting fell into place, Tandan came on board as a script writer for the Hindi dialogues as one third of the film is in Hindi. Finally when the film’s shooting commenced, Boyle also requested Tandan to co-direct portions of the film, which were to be shot in India.