Sonu Nigam to judge singing talent show, X Factor

MUMBAI:  Sonu Nigam will judge the contestants of X Factor, a new talent show on Sony Entertainment Television.
X Factor developed by Simon Colwell, kick started the auditions in Ahmedabad and Kolkata and is all set to roll in the city of Lucknow, Indore and Mumbai soon. This series will start the talent hunt with massive auditions to be held across the country. Singer and anchor,Aditya Narayan the host of the show, will travel around the country for the audition shows, attended by live audiences in each city. With this show, the channel will hunt for that X-treme singer/performer.
The X Factor – which now has versions in every country and allows every contestant over the age of sixteen to enter the auditions. Divided in three categories – 16 – 25 years, above 25 years and individual groups, candidates will be screened for their singing talent, attitude and star quality. The final selection will happen before the judges and live crowd in mega concerts which the whole nation will be watching.
X Factor India Cavalcade will go through Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Indore and Mumbai in and the journey culminates in Mumbai on the 5 March, 2011.Candidates who make their way through the final selections will be divided in three groups with each group having a mentor at the helm. Under the guidance of three mentors they will be further tested and tried, eliminated and only a lucky few will have the privilege to visit the judges homes set in exotic locations nationally.
Sony Entertainment Television head Programming Ajay Bhalwankar said, “As pioneers of Reality programming we are delighted to announce that Sony will be hosting the biggest singing reality show on Indian Television. X factor is the greatest platform for gifted singers and performers coming from any and every background what so ever. It is a show, where an ordinary Indian can fulfill his dream and aspiration of achieving an extra-ordinary position. As the show gets bigger & better, it will not only showcase the talent of the participants, but also showcase their ability to stand out.”
Nigam said, “I’ve been in the business of Musical reality shows for so long that I already feel like The Grand Daddy at the age of 37. Having seen the beginning of so many new comers, who have become Super stars today, I am humbled at my sheer fortune. That’s precisely why I refuse to endorse every other show on television by being a part of it. My consent to be the first judge of X Factor is proof enough of my faith in the format, the team involved and the Channel. X Factor is a never heard of opportunity for people who thrive to make a name in the world of music. Music, in India, today, has gone beyond the boundaries of film music. There are a variety of genres being heard and merged with each other, Fusion in the true sense. So many singers, bands and musicians trying to give music a new expression, have come up today and X Factor will give them the biggest platform ever to showcase their talent, attitude, passion and commitment…..or in other words, their X Factor.”