UTV Ignition’s Neves website goes live

MUMBAI: UTV’s Ignition Entertainment, which is a software developer and publisher of handheld and console games, has launched the website for Neves, the brain-teasing puzzle game, due for release on 28 March.

Neves for the Nintendo DS, is based upon the Tangram puzzle which is said to have originated as far back as the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD). Neves offers originality, challenge, fun and like many good games, its simplistic approach offers a contest that ‘puzzlers’ and casual gamers alike will find hard to put down.

The Neves website shows all the intricacies and delights of the game that will have gamers playing for hours on end. A playable demo of the game is available where you can actually play the game as a virtual presentation of the real thing and complete with your own stylus.

Distributed by Atari in the UK, Neves for the Nintendo DS is scheduled for release on 28 March.