UTV World Movies to air The Counterfeiters

MUMBAI: UTV World Movies will be airing The Counterfeiters on 25 April at 8.30 pm.

The Counterfeiters is a thriller based on the real-life memoirs of Adolf Burger, it is the first Austrian film to win the Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film Category 2008). The German blockbuster is based on Operation Bernhard, a secret plan by the Nazis during World War II to destabilize the United Kingdom by flooding its economy with forged currency.

"The film daringly exposes the brutal truth that when it comes to survival- there is no religion, no race, no ideology, no morals- but the most basic instinct to adapt to the system. This unique approach distinguishes this film from countless other films from the genre and has in fact made it very controversial in many countries. The Counterfeiters is not only intellectually challenging but also very entertaining film which has sizzled the festival circuit last year. Its premiere on air as Movie of the Month is part of our commitment to bring to the audiences the most groundbreaking cinema from around the world," said UTV World Movies creative head Manasi Sapre.