‘Women are much better at multi-tasking’: Shahid Kapur

Shahid Kapur plays

Shahid Kapur plays
Shahid Kapur plays
MUMBAI: Actor Shahid Kapur who outcharms his contemporaries as far as wooing the female fans or his female co-stars goes, is all praises for women.

He says that no man can beat a woman as far as multi-tasking is concerned.

Speaking about his female co- stars the actor told Businessofcinema.com, "I am really amazed to see how women can do 10 different things all at the same time. I’ve seen my co- stars like Priyanka, who’s working on her laptop and speaking to people while getting her make up or hair done all at the same time. I can never do something like that. If I am watching a show or a film at home then I can only concentrate on that at one time, I cannot be watching TV while talking on a phone… it’s next to impossible. I really wonder how women manage so many things at the same time. Hats off to them!"

At present Kapoor is busy shooting for Yash Raj Films’ forthcoming film directed by Parmeet Sethi. His upcoming film – Kaminey – wherein he plays a double role is slated to release on 14 August.