Yash Raj Films not looking for Sanjeev Kohli’s replacement

Mumbai: Yash Raj Films is not looking at a replacement for its CEO Sanjeev Kohli, who stepped down from the position on 31 January.

However, Kohli will continue his association with Yash Raj Films as a senior consultant and to participate in all strategy-building exercises of the company. Additionally, Kohli will also be a director of YRF.

Earlier this week, Yash Chopra issued a statement in which he said, "Sanjeev’s son Akshay, whom I have known since childhood, is also playing a major role at YRF and will continue to do so. For YRF, Sanjeev and me there is no change at all. The only change will be that he will be seen less frequently at the office as he will pursue his other creative interests. He will however, be fully devoted exclusively to YRF in all business matters."