Zayed Khan signed as brand ambassador for Roxton

MUMBAI: Zayed Khan has been signed as the brand ambassador for Roxton Clothing.

An official from Roxton says, “As a brand, we draw our inspiration for style from Italy, a country that has always been recognized as a center of fashion quality and excellence by the world. Our designs are cutting edge and radical – Zayed Khan is trendy, stylish with global appeal and epitomizes what the brand stands for.”

Khan says, “I’m proud to be associated with Roxton who in my belief is a brand that accentuates one’s personality – is affordable but doesn’t compromise on quality .When you take on the responsibility of being a brand ambassador it’s important to keep in mind a certain brand fit – I’m a funky grundge dresser and Roxton envisions all that is trendy and forward encouraging people who are fashion conscious and not fashion victims.I hope this association takes the brands to greater heights.”