Zee Cinema gets 2.5 TVR for Chandramukhi

Mumbai: Rajnikanth’s Chandramukhi, which was telecast on Zee Cinema last week dubbed in Hindi, garnered a rating of 2.5 TVR.

 Zee Cinema business head Mohan Gopinath said, "Rajnikanth enjoys a huge popularity amongst the audiences, an appeal that cuts across all sections. Though unknown to the Hindi – speaking audiences, Chandramukhi had a huge potential which Zee Cinema very well recognized and packaged the movie accordingly. We are very happy with the response received by the movie and would certainly incorporate this feedback in our future programming/ marketing decisions."

Chandramukhi was telecast on 27 July at 8.30 pm on Zee Cinema. The communication for the movie was based on the positioning – Har Ghar Mein Hai Ek Chandramukhi, stating that frustration, anger, depression and anxiety is present in every mind as the central character of the movie, Chandramukhi, rightly symbolizes.