BESHARAM! Ranbir Kapoor’s Many Girlfriends

Ranbir Kapoor's father, Rishi Kapoor, said that many women come to visit Ranbir at home, not just one or two. And all of then are unaware of each other.
Ranbir Kapoor's father, Rishi Kapoor, said that many women come to visit Ranbir at home, not just one or two. And all of then are unaware of each other.


MUMBAI: Seems like Ranbir Kapoor hides a lot of things, but they don’t go unnoticed by his father Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor has said that not just one or two, but up to four different girls come to their home often to visit Ranbir. And that’s not all, the four of them are unaware of each other.

Rishi Kapoor said, “He’s successful. Any girl would like to date him. Abhi nahi karega toh kab meri umar mein aakey karega? He’s seeing everyone because I keep seeing A B C and D in the house. But I don’t think that A knows about B and C knows about D. The staff knows and I know. I’m still the boss of the house. The news reaches my ears.”

Is Rishi Kapoor telling the truth or just riding on his son’s fame and superstar status? No doubt that Ranbir Kapoor has been a casanova since the start. He’s been tagged with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif currently. But four at the same time?

If Ranbir Kapoor is seeing four girls at the same time, and none of them know about each other, boy, is he in for some trouble now! Till then, can we guess who these four are?


Very early in his career, Ranbir Kapoor dated Deepika Padukone. She even got his initials tattooed on herself. They eventually broke up, but they did come back together for the biggest blockbuster of 2013 ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. A sizzling chemistry, and everyone’s tongues are set wagging again.


The current girl in his life. From holidaying in Spain to birthday parties, Katrina has been seen with Ranbir Kapoor everywhere. She’s also reportedly in Sri Lanka right now where the boy is shooting for Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Bombay Velvet’.


Sonam Kapoor debuted along with Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Saawariya’. There were rumours too that both of them were dating. But looks like that was just the rumour mill at work. Sonam Kapoor has stated that she never dated Ranbir. But that does not mean she wouldn’t date him now, does it?


Priyanka Chopra has been in a relationship with Shahid Kapoor. She has also been linked to married actors like Shah Rukh Khan’. During ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, reportedly Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were interested in each other. But that did not advance beyond the little buzz.

Anushka and Ranbir Kapoor at TOIFA 2013

They could make a very hot couple. And they are even currently acting together on ‘Bombay Velvet’. Could this be one of the mystery girls visiting Ranbir’s home?


Ileana D’cruz is just two films old, and she’s moved on from Ranbir Kapoor to Shahid Kapoor as her leads, but she’s stayed clear of any connections so far. Can we give her a clean chit?


Their chemistry in ‘Rockstar’ was questionable, and she is reportedly dating Uday Chopra. So I think we can leave her out of this race.


The newest girl on the Bollywood block! She’s been linked with her ‘Student Of The Year’ co-star Varun Dhawan. Looks like she yet has time to graduate to date actors like Ranbir Kapoor.


She’s everybody’s favourite right now. But dating no one? We absolutely don’t believe that. But could it be Ranbir? No idea, but they’d sure make a cute pair!