He Came, He Saw, He Conquered: SRK’s Fans Go Berserk At Single Screens

Shah Rukh Khan visited a couple of single-screen theaters and a multiplex to check out the crowds for his new film 'Chennai Express'.


MUMBAI: ‘Chennai Express’ has released and is breaking records everywhere, but Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t seem to stop with the promotions.

Shah Rukh Khan loves playing to the gallery as well as being mobbed (and loved) by his fans. So he did exactly that by first visiting New Excelsior cinema at Fort. He waved to his fans and also entered the projector room and met the cinema management.

Shah Rukh Khan’s next stop was at the Salman Khan-stronghold – Gaiety at Bandra. And just as Shah Rukh Khan hijacked this Eid with ‘Chennai Express’, he also hijacked the fans. Business Of Cinema witnessed the madness first hand!  At Gaiety, police had to resort to lathi-charge to control fans as they grew in number and crowded the streets in their excitement to see their superstar.

From there Shah Rukh Khan headed to Andheri to Cinemax. There too, the crowd went into a frenzy, banging into his car as he approached and then left from the premises.

By now ‘Chennai Express’ has already been a huge hit. We are very sure that authorities must be hoping that this satisfies Shah Rukh Khan and that he doesn’t come out on the road more often.

At the same time, is there anything anyone can do to stop Shah Rukh Khan. He’s after all the Pied-Piper of Bollywood. Crowds are swayed by him. (Read story here)  Don’t agree? Here’s some proof. Watch him getting mobbed by fans in Mumbai for a promotion here. He comes, he sees, he conquers. Repeat!