He’s Innocent: Salim Khan Defends Salman Khan

It is only a father that ideally can identify with the woes and turbulences of his son. Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan for the first time reveals about the hit-and-run case and why he feels Salman Khan must be treated like an ordinary citizen.


MUMBAI: There isn’t any mincing of words when it comes to speaking about Salman Khan. Salim Khan, his father, has come to the superstar’s defense. He reveals that Salman Khan is an ordinary citizen. He isn’t above the law, but is being treated unfairly – prosecuted for being a celebrity, one might say.

With the hit-and-run case being subjudice, and the hearing to start soon, he pleads that only law should decide the actor’s fate.

Salim Khan has come out emotionally defending his son and says that its time to speak up because Salman Khan has been misrepresented in many ways. Recalling the details of the fateful night, says Salim, “Hit-and-run has the implication of being callous and a coward. You become an insensitive person and a coward if you want to run away in such a situation. The car skidded and hit the footpath at 2.30 in the night and thereby, people who were sleeping on it. It is unfortunate that apparently, it was the first day they were sleeping on the footpath as it was the month of September when the monsoons had just got over. The accident happened 100 meters away from the house and the car was stuck there and was removed only in the morning. Coincidentally, Salman had a police constable (Ravinder Patil) with him at that time given to him for his protection.

“There was a crowd and there were stones being thrown at the car at which point, the police constable whose job it was to protect Salman, took him away from there and brought him home where his statements were recorded and then he was taken for the alcohol test. So where is the question of running away?

Salman Khan had been asked to give 20 lakhs when he got bail; his passport was confiscated and was asked to stay away from witnesses. Father Salim Khan says that this is proof that Salman has been tried as a normal citizen and not been given any concessions on account of his star status. Infact, no one has been asked to give so much money and only because it’s Salman Khan has the court been harsh, he further explains.

The trial is yet to begin. The verdict isn’t out yet. But Salman Khan seems to be on the path to mending relations and bettering friendships.

Has Salman Khan accepted the realities of life?

Here’s a glimpse of his numerous court appearances over the years…


Salman Khan in his court appearance on 19 July 2013. At this date, the hearing was postponed to 24 July.  (Photos by Solaris Images)

“Even Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari cannot touch 90 miles per hour in front of the small stretch of Holy Family. Had the (Salman Khan’s car hit the shop at 90 miles per hour, the whole shop would have disappeared,” says Salim.


His appearance at the court during ‘Lucky: No Time For Love’ – 2005

While one person died, only one other person was injured. People there told me that the person who got injured was throwing stones at the car and one of the stones fell on his foot due to which his foot was fractured and needed first aid.– Salim Khan


“How is this hit-and-run case?” – Salim Khan


 ” I want to question why is he treated differently than any other citizen of the country. He was put in jail for 18 days, he is involved in this case for over 10 years and has been charged under sections that are applied on the rarest of rare cases.”  – Salim Khan (Photos by Solaris Images)


(Photos by Solaris Images)

He is being tried under a section harsher than the section for the Bhopal gas tragedy. The government had his passport and he could not travel without permission. Are these concessions? Is the government going soft? – Salim Khan


“It’s not that I am indifferent towards my son or that I am not interested or not worried about the whole thing, but the problem is that I have not ever spoken about any of his issues.” – Salim Khan


(Photos by Solaris Images)

“Apart from the judicial system, I also have full faith in our lawyers. I know that they are convinced that Salman is innocent and will thus fight this case not only professionally but emotionally also.” – Salim Khan

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“This incident is subjudice, but I am forced to speak on a few points which seem obviously ridiculous and unfair.” – Salim Khan


(Photos by Solaris Images)

“By saying hit-and- run, you are not just accusing Salman the person, but also his reputation and also casting aspersions on a man’s character.” – Salim Khan


“I know of three cases where Salman has saved the lives of people. Once in Bandra, there was an accident where he saved the life of one of the two brothers in an accident that had taken place on the road. That family always tells him that their one son is alive only because of him. There was another accident at Worli where a truck had hit a Maruti. He took the people in the Maruti to the hospital and saved their lives.” – Salim Khan


(Photos by Solaris Images)

Whether he is guilty or not will be decided by the court of law, but I felt that now the time has come when I am required to speak on it as so many things are being hammered all the time by the media, that over time it will be construed as truth. – Salim Khan



The first of the few appearances in the Mumbai court. Salman Khan has two cases against him – 2002 Hit-And -Run case and the black-buck poaching case during the shoot of ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.




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“It’s not that I am indifferent towards my son or that I am not interested or not worried about the whole thing.” – Salim Khan







The First Arrest: Salman Khan being first taken to the court for trial.






During ‘Yuvvraaj’ Times…

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