HOT OR NOT: Which Celeb Rocks The Airport Look?

Let's have a look at our Bollywood stars at the airport and rank each of their looks, moods and faces.
Let's have a look at our Bollywood stars at the airport and rank each of their looks, moods and faces.


MUMBAI: Airports are places at which we can find out stars at their most vulnerable. Often, they’ll be tired and sleepy, or without make-up. Sometimes they are so relaxed that they’ll easily pose for photos. At other times, they’re just too bugged to look into the camera. We decided to take a look at photos of our major Bollywood stars at the airport in the last few months and see how they fared in their dressing sense. From Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma to Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha among others, take a dekko at these celebs and decide who rocks and who not!

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SRK 01

Shah Rukh Khan #1: We love how the superstar wears a smile even with a sling around his arm.

SRK 02

Shah Rukh Khan #2: A hairstyle that harkens to the superstar’s days while acting in Don. Plus we’re sure he’s not holding a cigarette, is he?

AB Jr 01

Abhishek Bachchan #1: This is the best AB Jr has looked recently. A simple white shirt over jeans? We love.

AB Jr 02

Abhishek Bachchan #2: A black blazer over jeans, we like. But Abhishek Bachchan could have done without the cap.

AB Jr 03

Abhishek Bachchan #3: A jacket over a white t-shirt.That’s it? Very bland.

Anushka 03

Anushka Sharma #1: Slightly cheerful while hurriedly making off to the airport. Just let go of the bag and it would have been even better.

Anushka 04

Anushka Sharma #2: She looks good here too, but we couldn’t help but notice the sad look on her face as she bid goodbye to a loved one.

Anushka 01

Anushka Sharma #3: We have to admit we like the bangs Anushka Sharma has been sporting recently. She perfected it here.

Anushka 02

Anushka Sharma #4: We love Anushka’s look here too, but the bland top takes it slightly lower.

Boman 01

Boman Irani #1: A lined shirt over jeans. Simple but sweet.

Boman 02

Boman Irani #2: Chequered shirt over jeans and a suit over it. Much more charming, Mr. Irani.

Deepika 03

Deepika Padukone #1: Looks like we caught Deepika on a bad day. She does look pretty tired here, yes?

Deepika 02

Deepika Padukone #2: Those orange pants are absolutely brilliant. We like the hair tied in a single ponytail too.

Deepika 01

Deepika Padukone #3: Those colourful pants are what we love. Add to that the picture perfect moment in which the photographer caught her, and we’re head over heels in love with her.

Katrina 01

Katrina Kaif #1: Looking smart here, we must say, with the darker palette.

Katrina 02

Katrina Kaif #2: Overdose of denim, isn’t it?

Priyanka 01

Priyanka Chopra #1: Priyanka Chopra asks us to get weird, and why wouldn’t we oblige?

Priyanka 02

Priyanka Chopra #2: We like Priyanka in formals too. We hope her wrist heals soon too.

Ranbir 01

Ranbir Kapoor #1: This is quintessential cool.

Ranbir 04

Ranbir Kapoor #2: Looks like he just picked up the first denim combo he could find from his wardrobe.

Ranbir 02

Ranbir Kapoor #3: Ranbir Kapoor rocks the stubble. Need we say more?

Ranbir 03

Ranbir Kapoor #4: Where is he headed off to? Too much clothing on one body. Doesn’t he feel hot?

Ranveer 02

Ranveer Singh #1: You only live once, Ranveer. Stick to the formals.

Ranveer 01

Ranveer Singh #2: Ranveer Singh looks good in a suit. Period.

Sonakshi 01

Sonakshi Sinha #1: Those whitewashed denims and that blue top win us over.

Sonakshi 02

Sonakshi Sinha #2: Those nerdy glasses make the ‘Lootera’ star look very cute, don’t they?

Sonakshi 03

Sonakshi Sinha #3: That hair neatly tied back, and a white-blue combination that we’ve come to love. Well done, Sonakshi.

Sonakshi 04

Sonakshi Sinha #4: Don’t repeat the pants, Sonakshi. Did we mention we love your iPad cover?

Sonakshi 05

Sonakshi Sinha #5: Bad, Sonakshi, bad.