SPOTTED! Shah Rukh Khan Maintains Perfect Timing

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’ has made a whooping business at the ticket windows and all his hard work and the numerous promotions have bore fruit. While he should be on a break, the actor is back to business as usual. He was seen at an event of a leading watch brand of which he is the ambassador.


DELHI: It is a well-known fact that Shah Rukh Khan has a penchant for watches. So much that, for eleven years Shah Rukh Khan has been associated with a leading watch brand.

In the age where brand ambassadors change, Shah Rukh Khan has proudly associated himself for eleven years and made his presence for the 50th year celebration of the brand in the capital city.

Riding super-high on the success of ‘Chennai Express’, which within three days has managed to enter the elite ‘100 crore’ club, Shah Rukh Khan yet again enthralled his fans and posed for photographs. What’s more that he even enjoyed a vintage car ride with his fans.

He seems to thoroughly enjoy his time at Delhi and excited about the reactions for ‘Chennai Express’.

Shah Rukh Khan Tweeted:

Shah Rukh Khan must have lost track of time owing to his hectic schedules, but it’s just perfect timing for Shah Rukh Khan to strike the right chords at the box-office.