10 Things You Didn’t Know About Salman Khan


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Salman Khan Main cover[tps_footer]Okay so you say you love Salman Khan. We appreciate that and so we would want you to know certain amazing things about this man which till now were lesser-known. We thought with his Kick ready to hit the theatres, we will bring you more closer to this eccentric Khan who doesn’t feel the need to explain any of his actions. Here are a few things you didn’t know about him.

– You will never find Salman Khan carrying a cotton handkerchief. He likes a malmal cloth for the same.

– Salman Khan was offered Baazigar before it went to Shah Rukh Khan. He didn’t want to portray a negative character which changed Shah Rukh’s fate.

– Salman Khan never reads reviews of his films and apparently, doesn’t even watch Katrina Kaif’s films unless perhaps they are with him.

– His business manager Reshma Shetty is the only who can get away with shouting on him. Shetty has brought a lot of positive professional changes in his life and he dotes on her. He abides by all her rules.

– Salman Khan wants to remake at least one of his father’s films but won’t announce it now.

– Apart from Veer, Salman had also written the scripts of Baaghi and Chandramukhi.

– During his time as a struggling actor, Salman never used his father’s name for a role. He used to visit producers on his own and audition for roles.

– Being a health freak, Salman loves to initiate people who aren’t as health-conscious as himself into workouts.He has lifted the careers and has inspired budding actors to live their dreams

– Salman Khan has a fetish for cars. Reports say, he loves to drive BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Land Cruisers. Besides driving he also likes gifting cars to his co stars.

– Salman Khan’s known for playing different roles. Other than his acting, he is talented in writing scripts, painting, photography, swimming, and now lately singing. He has finally turned singer with Kick. He has sung the song Hangover.[/tps_footer]