5 Controversial Statements By Om Puri That Shook The Country

Known for his power pack performances in films like Ardh Satya, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and many films, veteran actor Om Puri passed away in Mumbai on Friday at his home. Om Puri was 66.

Puri, apart from being known for his brilliant acting in art films in not just India but also British, Pakistani, Hollywood art films, Om Puri made many controversial statements that made the country think over what he said.

Let’s see what the veteran actor said and how he made news with his play of words.

1.”Who asked the soldiers to join the army?”

In the wake of Uri attack and the following surgical strikes, Om Puri commented on National television quoting ” Who had asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons?” while insulting a soldier and his son who lost his life at Uri. After the debate, Puri was blamed for passing such shameful comments and acting insensitive towards such issues which was completely unexpected from him.

2. Politicians are illiterate

When Anna Hazare and his followers gathered at the Ramlila Maidan for the Lokpal Bill against the politicians and a fight against corruption, Om Puri actively participated in the campaign and addressed the public against politicians quoting, “Yeh anpadh hain, inka kya background hai? Aadhe se zyaada MP ganwaar hain…” He was later asked to apologize and he said that he respected the Parliament and the Constitution of India.

3. The controversial fight with his wife

Om Puri and second wife Nandita Puri, who is a journalist had released a biography on the actor where she wrote about her husband’s past relationships. These chapters also covered Om Puri’s sexual relationship with his maid at just the age of 14, followed by another deep sexual equation with her father’s caretaker. Puri thought that the Book titled as Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri tarnished his image and therefore, a fight arose between the couple.

The clash later concluded when the couple got separated when Om Puri moved in with his ex-wife Seema Kapoor and Nandita filed a domestic violence case against the actor.

4. People who call for Beef Ban are hypocrites

Om Puri said that the people who called for a beef ban are hypocrites because we export beef and earn dollars for it.

5. Naxalites are fighters not terrorists

Om Puri said that the Naxalites are fighters and not terrorists. He said that, “The Naxals are not terrorists because they don’t resort to irresponsible acts of terror by planting bombs on streets. Naxals are fighters who fight for their rights. They don’t harass the common man and the poor.”