AIB’s Salman Khan Starrer The Martian Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today!


salman-khan-the-martian1The comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) is well known for their comedy stints. Recently, the group published a photo on their twitter handle, flaunting some top notch photoshop skills. Imagine what it would look like if ‘The Martian’ starred Salman Khan instead of Matt Damon? Well AIB has helped us to make the imagination easier! The hilarious spoof poster shows a mash up of Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ look and Matt Damon’s ‘The Martian’ avatar and certainly it is the best thing we’ve seen today.

Not just the photo, what made us laugh out loud was the description of the poster. ‘The Martian’ actually sees how a group of astronauts bring Matt Damon back from Mars. But Salman Khan, being the Dabangg Khan he is, would naturally not need anyone’s help as he’ll manage to get back to Earth on his own! Thus the line, “He will bring himself home. Salman Khan – The Martian” Just Salman being more than human!

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The hilarious poster also has some witty credits given in the end, that reads music by Bhai, vocals by Bhai, produced by Bhai, directed by Bhai, basically everything done by Salman Khan himself! Salman Khan’s version of ‘The Martian’ would thus be nothing less than a one man show. While making the Hollywood version of the film, the film’s team took assistance from NASA. But well, Salman Khan wouldn’t give a hoot about NASA either!

Well, we’re definite that AIB means no harm, and that this poster is surely just for laughs. We wonder how Salman Khan would react to this though! Has he seen ‘The Martian’ yet? We’ll have to wait to know from Salman himself!