Angry Ranbir Kapoor Lashes Out At Journalist, What Happened Next Is Shocking!

Ranbir-Kapoor-Angry-[tps_footer]Bollywood stars have turned furious at photojournalists many times during several occasions. The stars get annoyed when they are being followed by a number of cameramen, which results in an argument between them, sometimes. According to reports, on Saturday night, a freelance photographer tried clicking pictures of Ranbir Kapoor while he was in his car in Bandra.


Angry Ranbir Kapoor stopped his car and got out, only to slam the cameraman. He walked straight towards him and asked him to hand over his mobile phone. The scared lensman complied and Ranbir walked away with his mobile phone. The photographer then called up his employer and explained about the whole incident. His employer then tried calling to the photographer’s mobile phone, which was under Ranbir’s custody. Well, no phone calls being answered by the actor, later, the employer tried calling Ranbir, but got no response from him too.


Reports also suggest that after Ranbir got a text, at around 1:30 am, he called back to the employer and explained that he hates being followed. The employer tried his best to explain to the actor that the photographer was just doing his job. Ranbir, however, refused and stated that if this continues to happen, he will lodge a police complaint. Reportedly, after promising that things won’t get repeated, the photographer was asked to collect his cell phone from the actor’s house at 4 am.

It seems Ranbir is following footsteps of his estranged girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. Earlier this year, the actress had lashed out at some of the unknown photographers while she was on a house hunt. The actress had even warned the paparazzi that if they continue to do this, she would lodge a police complaint.[/tps_footer]