BIGG NEWS: Kajol’s “Little Sis” Tanishaa To Enter ‘Bigg Boss’ House?

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MUMBAI: In what could be an interesting twist, Kajol’s little sister Tanishaa Mukherjee may just enter the ‘Bigg Boss’ house this weekend.

The reality TV show, which is all set to kick-off this Sunday, may see a celebrity entrant in the form of Tanishaa Mukherjee, better known as Kajol’s younger sister. (In)famous for her role in the film ‘Neal n Nikki’, Tanishaa hasn’t really had a shining bright Bollywood career, unlike her elder sis Kajol.

However, Tanishaa’s career was given a second lease of life almost, when she bagged a Marathi film produced by Akshay Kumar. She has also starred in a famous play called ‘The Verdict’, to critical acclaim.

Nonetheless, Tanishaa’s ‘Bigg Boss’ ambitions have not gone down too well with the family. Reportedly, Kajol, her husband Ajay Devgn and Tanishaa’s mother, Tanuja have all been trying to dissuade her from joining the reality show.

According to sources, the discord reached such a high note that on Monday, the trio had a heated argument at Ajay’s Juhu home. Ajay and Kajol allegedly tried their best to discourage Tanishaa from participating in the controversial TV show, but she was adamant.

Said a source close to the family: “They are just concerned about Tanishaa. Being the youngest in the family, at times she takes hasty decisions that do not go down too well with the rest of the family. They are very protective about her do not want her to be a part of a TV show where almost every contestant gets involved in some kind of controversy.”

The source added that her mother Tanuja was in Vancouver, and she was expected home this week. “Tanishaa’s mother is expected to be back by Friday. Like Kajol and Ajay, she too has had her share of discussion with Tanishaa. It is to be seen if she is able to convince Tanishaa once she is here.”

It remains to be seen whether the family can convince Tanishaa, or whether the actress has her way.

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