Karishma-Abhishek To Salman Khan-Sangeeta: Bollywood Celebrities Who Broke Off Their Engagement

Karishma-Abhishek To Salman Khan-Sangeeta: Bollywood Celebrities Who Broke Off Their Engagement

Bollywood celebrities often fall in love with each other in the timespan that they spend together during the shooting of their movies or be it in any case. Love and loyalty are the two inevitable traits that hold a relationship strong, and if they break, things fall apart. However, when celebrities get into officially committed relationships or get engaged, all that plays out in their minds is a fairy tale romance.

But there is a dark side of the glamour. Cupid can strike twice or even more than twice. Many Bollywood celebrities got engaged but never married to each other for some or other reason. Take a look at some such examples of impending marriage that were called off. 

Salman Khan Sangeeta Bijlani

Salman Khan-Sangeeta Bijlani: Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani’s affair was a noted one. Each one from the industry knew that the two were madly in love with each other and were also planning to get married. However, it did not turn out to be a perfect love story. Things didn’t go as planned for them and much to everyone’s surprise they drifted apart. The most shocking part of their relationship was when Salman and Sangeeta suddenly called off their marriage, which was scheduled on on 27 May 1994. All the wedding preparations were stalled midway. The reason behind this big decision is said to be Salman Khan’s closeness with Somi Ali.

Raveena Tandon Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar-Raveena Tandon: Akshay and Raveena were the hottest couple of the 90s. Reportedly, Raveena even admitted that after a 3-year-long affair the two got engaged secretly in a temple. However, things did not go as planned as Raveena Tandon walked out the relationship after knowing about Akshay Kumar’s closeness with Shilpa Shetty. 

Abhishek Bachchan Karisma Kapoor

Abhishek Bachchan-Karisma Kapoor: It was apparently in 1997 during Shweta Bachchan’s wedding, that Karisma Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan met each other. After knowing each other, the two started dating each other and were in a serious relationship for almost five years. On October 11, 2002, at Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday party, their engagement was announced. Later after a year it came a shock when the two parted ways. The real reason behind their break up is yet not known. However, there were plenty of rumours. One of the reasons is said to be Karisma’s mother Babita’s dislike towards Abhishek, as he was not settled professionally while Karisma was already a big star that time.

Vivek Oberoi-Gurpreet Gill

Vivek Oberoi-Gurpreet Gill: Before Vivek started dating Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, he was previously engaged to model Gurpreet Gill, but the engagement was broken off due to unknown reasons. The two parted ways after several tiffs and accusations.

Neil Nitin Mukesh Priyanka BhatiaNeil Nitin Mukesh-Priyanka Bhatia: As per media reports, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Priyanka dated each other for two years and were secretly engaged too. However, the two parted ways, as Neil wanted to focus more on his career. He broke his engagement with Priyanka as soon as he started getting film offers. Also, there were reports that Neil and Priyanka’s lifestyle could not match.

Mallika Sherawat Vijay Singh

Mallika Sherawat-Vijay Singh: Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat married to a much younger Vijay Singh on the show, The Bachelorette India, Mere Khayalonki Malika, After the show ended in November 2013, the two were seeing each other for a while, but within a year, it was all over between them.