In depth: Kishore Kumar ‘s Four Marriages



kishore kumar with third wife yogita bali

4-kishore-3-8-2013[tps_footer]Kishore Kumar saw many ups and downs in his love life. He experienced love and he experienced infedility. Here’s a description of his four marriages.

Kishore Kumar’s first marriage was with Ruma(now Ruma Guha Thakurta). She is Satyajit Ray’s niece  and also his first wife. Kishore Kumar married Ruma Ghosh in May 1951 in Bombay, and their son Amit Kumar was born the following year. Kishore Kumar wanted someone to make his home while Ruma wanted a career. The couple divorced in 1958.  

His second marriage was a match made in hell. It led Kishore da to convert his religion to Islam and change his name to Karim Abdul in order to marry Madhubala. Madhubala who was already suffering from a congenital heart disease was taken care of by Kishore da. He would laugh with her and cry with her. Kishore and Madhubala’s riotous relationship was picked up by all and many paparazzi. An official biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor is going to be released by Anurag Basu. He is still looking for the right actress to play the role of Madhubala.

He then married Geeta Bali who later got infatuated towards Mithun Chakraborty on the sets of Khwab in 1980 and married the latter. When asked about Geeta Bali by Pritish Nandy in an interview earlier , Kishore Kumar had said , “That was a joke. I don’t think she was serious about marriage. She was only obsessed with her mother. She never wanted to live here.”

His last marriage was with Leena Chandavarkar. This marriage got a lot of attention and brought him lots of success.

Leena first glanced upon Kishore while she was filming for her first movie ‘Man ka Meet’ in 1968. Kishore Kumar wanted the versatile actress to go through the script of his movie ‘Pyar Ajnabi Hai’. KK and Leena grew closer while working on the film. Even though Leena Chandavarkar’s father was against this budding relationship, Kishore Kumar went all the way to Dharwad, where Leena’s parents resided. In order to convince them he sang songs and held a dharna outside their house. It was the song – ‘Nafrat karne walon ke seene mein pyar bhar doon (Johny Mera Naam)’ that convinced her parents and the two tied the knot in 1980. Two years later they gave birth to their son, Sumit Kumar.[/tps_footer]