Former Bigg Boss Contestant Sofia Hayat Makes Shocking Allegations On Salman Khan!

Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat, who grabbed headlines last year by turning a nun, Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat, has done another such stunt to be in the limelight. This time, Sofia has made shocking allegations on star host Salman Khan. In a recent interview, Sofia has slammed Salman Khan for being a biased host and has also claimed show to be scripted.

As we all know during her short stay inside the house during Bigg Boss 7, Sofia had a huge fight with Armaan Kohli. She had even filed a case against the actor for allegedly assaulting her inside the house. Well, this time she has accused Salman Khan, which is unbelievable and shocking. CLICK NEXT TO READ what allegations Sofia has put on Salman.

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Referring to her fight with Armaan, Sofia said, “Bigg Boss always shows us at some level what is going wrong in society. For example, my story highlighted the abuse of women by men in India and how nothing is ever done about it, no matter how hard women fight for justice. Armaan was employed by Salman Khan himself in the end, cementing the idea that women abusers stick together.”

On Salman Khan being biased, Sofia said, “Yes, Salman did not support me and that’s obvious. He employed Armaan in a film later. Salman just plays to controversy. Salman had an opportunity to show the public that abusing women is wrong. He chose not to because he himself has abused women.

If that was not enough, Sofia Hayat also spoke in support of Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami. She said, “So, what is Bigg Boss showing this time with Swami ji? Is it real or has it been edited for entertainment? My take is that we must never judge anyone, and if you do, your judgments only reflect what you really feel inside yourself. As far as ‘Bigg Boss’ is concerned, if people are agitated and judgmental, that is their problem, not Swami’s. Whatever he does, he can do and say, is as a representation of himself. We have to be really careful, a lot of things are edited in ‘Bigg Boss’. They edit them and can completely change a situation around to make the innocent look guilty and vice versa.”

She further alleged, “‘Bigg Boss’ also feeds news stories to media that are perhaps, tweaked in such a way that the public start to gossip and watch the show more. We have to question ourselves really, if we question Swami ji.”

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