Hrithik Roshan And Kangana Ranaut’s Tiff Is Going To Be A MOVIE!

Kangana-Ranaut-&-Hrithik-Roshan[tps_footer]Bollywood’s biggest legal battle for bogus reason has been between two superstars Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut. Now, there are makers who are very keen to work on a theme based on cyberstalking, fake ID, the obsession of a girl, and much more. It looks like Hrithik-Kangana and their legal teams have inspired a lot of writers to imagine more and there are a few who have even managed to write scripts over Hrithik-Kangana battle and have offered Hrithik Roshan to play the lead and give a yes.


However, Hrithik Roshan was not pleased with the whole idea to see a flashback of his ugly legal battle against Kangana Ranaut as it wasn’t just Kangana who was criticized but even Hrithik Roshan was questioned on his way of dealing with Kangana and her team. But, Sussanne Khan, Zayed Khan along with Kangana‘s ex Adhyayan Suman and his parents came openly in support of Hrithik and Kangana kept fighting her own battle. And till today Hrithik refuses of any love relationship between him and Kangana, he still claims that Kangana was talking to an imposter and not Hrithik Roshan although Kangana Ranaut has just the opposite of it to say.


Now, Hrithik has finally been approached by an A-List producer who wants to work with Hrithik Roshan where a girl is madly obsessed over him and he falls into cyberstalking. Kangana won’t like this story but Hrithik is fascinated with this script and he is ready for a script narration session. Is it just a movie or another step by Hrithik to insult and poke fun at Kangana Ranaut?[/tps_footer]