Hrithik Roshan Has Once Again Provoked Kangana Ranaut, Legally!

Kangana-&-Hrithik-2[tps_footer]For a while, we thought this senseless legal war will end between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut but now Hrithik and his lawyer Dipesh Mehta have given another complaint to the Cyber Cell cops for further investigation in which they want Kangana Ranaut to cooperate with the cops and the procedure. It’s said, Hrithik has sent a bunch of forty emails to the cops that were sent to him by Kangana Ranaut and this all started in the year 2014. He strongly feels that these emails will help to catch the imposter. Hrithik stated that he met Kangana Ranaut at Karan Johar’s party and Kangana was happy to meet him and she mentioned about receiving an email from Hrithik in which he praised Kangana’s performance in her movie Queen but Hrithik denied it saying that it’s a fake account and he didn’t say anything about Queen and her performance, because he didn’t watch that movie.


Now, we all know there are many fake accounts with celebrities names and pictures and at times, it’s tough to differentiate between real and fake one. At that point of time Hrithik didn’t take this issue too seriously and moved on but now he wants cops to check all the electronic devices that Kangana Ranaut has in order to get more information from her side and Hrithik has already given more proofs that he could provide to help this case. But, Kangana‘s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has something else to say. He feels this case is not related to his client Kangana in any way, she is just being dragged into a case and even her sister Rangoli. Hrithik and his legal team should find out on their own about the imposter if any. And, not harass Kangana and her sister by making them a part of something that they are not.


Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee also said that they are not being able to receive the FIR copy of this case and that’s why they are postponing any sort of interrogations. Even Kangana had stated this earlier when she was asked for delaying the case. She said clearly those emails were sent by Hrithik Roshan and she said he is lying. She doubts if there is any imposter because she kept talking to Hrithik for so long and now suddenly this case is slammed at her. Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has also pointed out the delay from Hrithik Roshan and his legal team to file a case in 2016 when the whole mess started in the year 2014.

It’s complicated ![/tps_footer]