Is Aamir Khan Trying To Provoke Shah Rukh Khan?



Bollywood is a place where two actors of the same status and fan following are often in competition with each other. Salman Khan is pretty close to Aamir as a friend but Aamir and SRK have never been known to be close to each other. They are often seen to be avoiding each other at public functions and we all remember Aamir’s joke and tweet about his dog. He once tweeted “Shah Rukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the caretakers’ well it clearly hinted towards their rivalry.”

Shah Rukh Khan is called the king of romance; some of the dialogues which King Khan has used in his movies on his actresses have become love slogans. Boys all around our country try to imitate SRK and his words in the hope that just like SRK’s actresses, girls will go Ga-Ga over their charm and give them a chance.

Well this time we caught Aamir Khan, yes the perfectionist of our industry trying his luck on a girl by using the famous ‘Palat Palat’ dialogue of SRK and that too on-screen. To our surprise, the charms, the looks and the attitude of Aamir were not good enough for the girl. The girl unfortunately did not turn regardless of Aamir’s trials.

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Well we are sure you all must be very confused, actually this is not a real story. It is a story used by the writers of online company Snapdeal where a girl’s mannequin does not respond to Aamir’s romantic calls just because they wanted to show the girl being busy in catching their offers on her mobile which were much more attractive, interesting and important.

Well the idea behind the Ad is super interesting; we love to see Aamir in his Dangal look play the lead in the advertisement. The surprising element however is the fact that Aamir enacted a line of SRK whom many industry insiders call him his Rival star. Well looks like rivalry is all over and Aamir is hinting towards a new start with his tribute towards his and SRK’s relations.

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