Kareena Kapoor Khan Speaks Up On Saif Ali Khan-Shahid Kapoor Sharing Cold Vibes!

Saif-Kareena-Kapoor-Khan-[tps_footer]Ex-flame Shahid Kapoor on one side and Nawabi hubby Saif Ali Khan on the other side, Kareena Kapoor Khan surely knows how to maintain a good rapport and continue her successful career. It’s important to keep the differences and even ‘past’ aside when two people come together to work on the same project and this trio understands this very well.


Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan shared about her equation with Shahid Kapoor in her upcoming movie Udta Punjab and she looked very comfortable around her ex-flame although we could notice Shahid Kapoor blushing and feeling awkward. Aww! But, honestly, these two just nail it together. And, it didn’t take too long for Kareena to say that Shahid and Saif are getting along on the sets on Rangoon and there are no issues between them as some media reports have suggested.

Frankly, Bebo shared that Saif enjoys working with Shahid and they have a lot of fun on the sets. Kareena is not part of Vishal Bharadwaj movie Rangoon starring Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan but Bebo gets all the updates from Saif about the shooting and fun they are having while making this movie. It was reported earlier that Saif Ali Khan had invited Shahid Kapoor at his party, but Shahid couldn’t make it. Even this shows they have a good understanding or else why will you invite a person to your party with whom you are enemies with or don’t share a good rapport ? Hmm.. It’s really good to know this year of 2016 has some positive side to it other than the breakups, divorces, suicides and so much more.


We hope this good understanding and friendship between Shahid-Kareena-Saif continues and we really wish to see them working together in one project soon. Saif believes Shahid Kapoor is a nice guy and very hard working which we all believe and it will be fun to watch this trio together. What say ?[/tps_footer]