Katrina Kaif Going Through A Dilemma Whether To Stay Or Move On!

Katrina-Kaif[tps_footer]We all must have come across different media reports suggesting Katrina Kaif is looking for a new house after her alleged breakup with Saawariya Ranbir Kapoor. It’s said he left the house first and moved out of his relationship with Katrina and he started staying with his parents. But, Katrina didn’t leave their love nest which is a penthouse in Carter Road but everything about that house must be reminding Katrina Kaif about the presence of Ranbir. So, it’s said she started looking for another house and it was reported that she was trying to find a flat close to Salman Khan‘s Galaxy apartment house. We all know Katrina‘s close friendship rekindled with Salman Khan post-breakup with Ranbir.


Anyways, these stories were rubbished earlier and it was said Katrina was not looking for a new house for herself but for her manager Reshma. Now, once again there is a new media report that states Katrina is stuck up with a big confusion to leave her house at Carter Road and end the renewal contract. Although, there are still many days remaining for Katrina to live freely in that love nest she once shared with Ranbir Kapoor but she also has her old house in Guldev Sagar where she was said to be staying after leaving the Carter house. Now, let’s see where Afghan Jalebi will finally decide to stay. And we feel, where ever she decides to stay, Ranbir will not move in with Kat. Ranbir is still not willing to give their relationship another chance but Kat has to decide what she wants from her life and career.