Is This Katrina Kaif’s Way Of Showing Anger Towards Ranbir Kapoor On Jagga Jasoos Set?

Ranbir-Kapoor-Katrina-kaif-0214[tps_footer]Right now the biggest question whether the film will get completed this year, is disturbing the minds of the makers of Jagga Jasoos starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. It’s really sad to know that a talented director like Anurag Basu and his creative team is suffering at the hands of an alleged ugly break up between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. It’s said these two look at each other only when they have a scene to do and are not friendly on set or off set. Whether they are facing the adverse effects of a break-up or not, but we can surely see the negative effect of their alleged break up in the making of Jagga Jasoos.


Recently, it was even reported that Ranbir humiliated Katrina Kaif in their common friend Aarti Shetty’s birthday bash. It was said after that incident Katrina broke down into tears and her friends in the party tried to calm her down. Now a few media reports have mentioned that Katrina was planning to quit Jagga Jasoos because of Ranbir’s bad behavior with her and the coldness between these two ex-flames was making it difficult for her to shoot. But, she doesn’t want to give up on a project like Jagga Jasoos just because of an alleged break up. So, she continued working, but now it’s too much to bare.


Reportedly, Katrina Kaif was supposed to be shooting for Jagga Jasoos from 9am to 9pm but she reached sets around 10pm and she got ready by 3am. We don’t know if Katrina’s wrist watch stopped working or she didn’t bother about seeing the time but this is what happened. She almost gave a heart attack to the makers by delaying the shoot for so long.

Jagga Jasoos was slated to release sometime in October or November 2014, but due to unknown reasons the release date was pushed to June and July. But now it’s set to release in August 2016. We are tired of counting months already, we just hope this movie gets completed soon and gets a good and final release date too.[/tps_footer]