Monica Dogra Learns How DJ!

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Often have we heard about celebrities who dropped out of college to make a career in showbiz every now and then


There are a very few of them who infact go back to learning with an established career

Learning is a part of life, a belief strongly followed by indie queen Monica Dogra

She has always given us the best of music with her powerhouse performances

With her latest single Spit’s release, Monica faith for learning only became stronger


She has decided to fly down to London to go back to school to take up learning something she always wanted to, to DJ!

She will be in London for the next few months studying how to DJ at the London Sound Academy

Commenting on this Monica says, “ I am going to London Sound Academy to do a course in DJing! I am learning how to DJ under Gabriel aka DJ Elementrix. One of the reasons I decided to do it is because after releasing my solo record, I realized I wanted more autonomy, just to rely on my, on the kind of production I want. Rely on myself to create the kind of parties I want to go to.”

Following a year of juggling between movies, music, judging a reality show, and design, performing, Monica will return after her course as a professional DJ, adding another feather to her hat and we cannot wait![/tps_footer]