Nana Patekar Wants Media Attention On Farmers Suicide Than Pratyusha Banerjee

nana-Pateka-&-Praytushya[tps_footer]Powerhouse performer actor Nana Patekar is angry and his words are enough to make us feel the rage inside him. Famous Natsamrat actor Nana Patekar has pointed out the fact that a lot of importance is given to celebrities suicide cases but what about those farmers who kill themselves out of hunger, poverty ? We know that Nana  has always supported a lot of drought-stricken farmers to overcome their various issues and yet again he has raised his opinions to give importance to the injustice done to the farmers in our nation.


It’s disgusting to know that farmers who produce and supply food to the entire nation are killing themselves because of hunger, droughts, poverty and a lot more issues. Unfortunately, many politicians aim at the acres of land that a farmer owns but they fail to help them and tackle their issues responsibly. Nana Patekar called TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case as a disturbing and unfortunate event. And he expressed his distress over media reporting everything related to her suicide case and keeping it in the limelight constantly but nothing much about the farmers committing suicides, in fact, Nana feels this issue is mostly neglected.


Along with Nana Patekar, even Twitteraties have taken this unfortunate issue in the online world to give attention to draughts stricken farmers and failed government’s policies.

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