‘Bigg Boss 7’ Contestant Elli Avram Banned For Being Too Hot!

Chandigarh colleges have banned photos of Elli Avram because they're too hot.


CHANDIGARH: We’ve heard posters of films being banned as well as films not being allowed to screen, but this is a first!

‘Mickey Virus’ actress Elli Avram has had her photos and posters banned in Chandigarh colleges because she’s too hot.

Elli Avram is also currently on the seventh season of ‘Bigg Boss’ and is a favourite with the show’s host, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Elli Avram appears in the promos of ‘Mickey Virus’ in a yellow saree with a gun in her hand – an image that is being used as the poster is many boys’ hostel rooms, because of which authorities have had to ban Elli Avram’s posters from the college.

Looks like the students will have to satisfy themselves by streaming the trailer online, or will the college authorities ban that too? ‘Mickey Virus’ releases on 25 October, 2013.