Real Life Madaari Instantly Connects With Irrfan Khan’s Madaari


[tps_footer]Irrfan Khan‘s Madaari has been garnering accolades since its release.

The movie has been connecting with the audience and Irrfan Khan‘s performance has been winning hearts through.

Recently the movie touched the heart of a real life Madaari, Dadarao Bhillore.

Dadarao Bhillore’s son, Prakash was 16 years old when a deadly pothole took his life. Ever since he has been filling potholes and the feeling he gets while filling potholes gives him more power to continue the fight to ensure that the people responsible for this shall be punished and at the same time it makes him feels he is saving other fathers from losing their Prakash.

On watching the movie, Dadarao instantly connected with the subject of the movie.

Dadarao shares, “I saw Madaari movie and it seemed as if I was watching my life on the big screen. The relationship of father and son took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride. I missed Prakash and his childhood. The wall filled with pictures of Irrfan’s son reminded me of our house filled with Prakash’s pictures.”

He further added, “Madaari is a film that has given me more power and I know for a fact that it is very important for us- “common people” to prove that we can actually win our battles. A father does not get much time with the child but he surely has a lot more love in his heart for his children and when someone takes his world away from him, the wounds are beyond words. Bollywood does not release many such awakening movies, but this time, it gifted me a movie for life.”

Dadarao Bhillore has filled more than 300 potholes in the city till now & has also been urging others to help him in this noble cause.[/tps_footer]

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