Is This Really Our Priyanka Chopra ?

Priyanka Chopra 002Priyanka Chopra 004

Priyanka Chopra 005

Priyanka Chopra 0087

Priyanka Chopra[tps_footer]We know you will be shocked to see these pictures of Priyanka Chopra now. Over the years, we have seen many changes in Priyanka Chopra right from her accent to her looks. Yes, actors need to reinvent themselves for every new project and that gives something new to the audience to be curious about. But, we never thought Priyanka will have such drastic changes in her over the years as we have seen in her pics that were shot in 1999, as her mom Madhu Chopra arranged a photo shoot to send as part of Priyanka’s bid for Miss India in 2000.

And, now if you compare those pics of her first photo shoot with her latest shoot pics of Bajirao Mastani, Quantico or Baywatch it will be really hard to accept that it’s the same Priyanka Chopra who has rocked India and the West. Tell us what you feel about the changes, especially her nose and lips ?