Salman Khan To Have A Koffee Break With Karan Johar

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MUMBAI: Salman Khan has been one actor who hasn’t been candid about his personal life at all. That’s one reason that the actor has stayed away from Karan Johar’s candid chat show for its three seasons. 

While almost the entire Bollywood fraternity has shown its attendance at the director’s light-hearted show and has been given a coffee hamper as a return gift, Salman Khan has not had an affinity to the hamper!

But looks like Salman Khan is all geared to take a ‘koffee’ break with Karan Johar. The actor is reportedly set to make an appearance on the opening episode of the new season.

Salman Khan, who is currently hosting another reality show on television, has given his nod. While the earlier episodes had a single guest revealing his secrets to Karan Johar, the fourth season will have multiple guests sharing the couch.

This sets one to another surprise. It needs to be seen if Karan Johar’s good friend Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan will together grace the opening season, considering SRK has graced all the three seasons of the show. Also SRK had supposedly apologized to the actor in the 2011 episode.

With Salman giving the nod for his appearance on the show, the ‘koffee’ surely seems to have got hotter! Time for a coffee break!

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