Salman Khan Reveals His New Years Resolutions For 2017!

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan hosted the 23rd annual Star Screen Awards 2016. They both looked dapper at the awards show. The duo were seen pulling each others legs and entertaining the audience. They made their entry on the stage in cycles. At the event, a lot of things happened. Salman Khan reveals his New Year resolutions and more.

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Salman Khan said, ‘Iss saal main koshish karke better decisions loonga life mein‘. To this Shah Rukh Khan said, ‘It means he will take even better bad decisions in his life‘. And the audience burst out laughing.

Shah Rukh Khan then reveals Salman Khan‘s second decision, he said, ‘Salman will make Abbas- Mastan wear black clothes from now on.(since they are always dressed in white). Salman then told Shah Rukh that what do I say you are revealing all my secrets.

Shah Rukh Khan then reveals Salman Khan‘s third resolution saying, ‘Roz raat zyaada se zyaada dus baje bed pe dikhaye dega‘. Salman looked a little confused and asserted that he will try sleeping early, and to this Shah Rukh Khan interrupted saying that he will then get up at 11.30 from that bed and then go to his house. And the audience burst out laughing.