SRK Sets The Record Straight: The ‘Iftar Hug’, AbRam, And More

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan speaks from the heart about arch-rival Salman Khan, the infamous 'iftar party hug', his new baby AbRam and why he is saddened by his baby's birth.


MUMBAI: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has finally broken his silence on the infamous ‘Iftar Embrace’.

Call it the ‘Golden Hug’, the ‘Iftar Embrace’, or whatever you like: the fact remains that the hug shared by arch rivals SRK and Salman Khan at Baba Siddiqui’s iftar party a few weeks ago was nothing short of miraculous. Shah Rukh Khan had chosen not to speak about the dynamics of the hug, until now…

Reacting to the buzz around the hug, speculations on a ‘Karan Arjun’ sequel and his personal equation with Salman, Shah Rukh candidly confessed: “I read assumptions (about) ‘Karan Arjun 2’ and, with full respect I say, even for Salman, he’s never spoken about it either. It (the iftar embrace) was gracious, it was loving, and decent, and extremely courteous. Beyond that, I’ve never talked about it. It’s nice to hug people, whenever you can. There’s nothing more or less to that.

I wish him the best, he wishes me the best, our lives are different, which is why we don’t see each other.”

SRK did have a plea for the media, when he said: “I would request the media and everyone, ki agar ho sake, toh pyar ko pyar hi rehne do, koi naam na do. Why give it a name and make it pedestrian? Relationships cannot be explained and compartmentalised. They have to be felt.”

SRK has also been in the eye of the storm viz-a-viz the birth of his son AbRam, via surrogacy.

The superstar even touched upon the sex determination allegations, when he said: “I felt very sad and depressed. I felt very dejected and wronged… I don’t think those kind of allegations should have been put forth. I understand, nobody knew that the baby was already born, so we knew why he’s a boy, and we didn’t say that, because we didn’t know whether he will survive.

He’s a gift. And hopefully he’ll be very healthy, mashallah. But I don’t want my kids’ personal lives to be a subject of appreciation or unappreciation because they happen to be my kids. And his became that, even before technically he was born.”

Meanwhile, at Mannat, SRK’s lavish Iftar bash scheduled for last night was suddenly called off early last afternoon.

Sources insisted that invites for Shah Rukh Khan’s grand Iftar party had been despatched days ago, in favour of SRK addressing the American media via Skype at Mumbai’s Mehboob Studios.

A source familiar with the developments said, “SRK intended to throw a lavish bash, but now has postponed it to a later date.”

The party has been allegedly shifted to 9 August, to coincide with the release of SRK’s ‘Chennai Express’. Sources indicate that the iftar bash will be on a grand scale, in line with Shah Rukh’s birthday celebrations, with guests being pampered in traditional SRK style.

However, Khan’s spokesperson gave a puzzling response to the question of the iftar bash: “There was no Iftar plan at all. It’s a rumour.”