Telugu Actor Pradeep Kumar Suicides After An Argument With His Wife

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar


Pradeep Kumar hanged himself at his residence in Hyderabad!

The Telugu TV actor, Pradeep Kumar allegedly committed suicide yesterday, on May 3. The actor was mostly famous for his role in the TV series Sapta Matrika. His body was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his residence in Alkapuri, Hyderabad.

P Ramachander Rao, the inspector of Narsingi Police Sation, informed that his body was found by his wife and one of his friends, after which they took him to the hospital. The 29-year old actor was stated dead by the doctors over there.

Talking about the probable reason of the suicide, the inspector said, “Though the exact reasons behind Pradeep’s extreme step are still not known, the couple had a minor quarrel last night.”

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A police officer informed that there were no injuries found on his body and that the actual cause of death will be cleared only after the post-mortem.

The actor had recently got married to a TV actress, Pavani Reddy. It was reported earlier that she was not in the house at the time of suicide, but later on her statement made it clear that she was indeed in the house, but was in another room.

The wife talking about their fight before the suicide says, “When Pradeep was saying something, I was attending to some other work. This had upset him and we had an argument. Subsequently I went inside the washroom and started crying. Meanwhile, Pradeep smashed a glass pane and injured his hand. My brother Shravan attended Pradeep by applying medicine. He was in bad mood and consumed lot of alcohol. So I thought of leaving him alone and went to another room.”

While Pavani says that Shravan is her cousin, the late actor’s friends continue to say that there were issues between the couple due to that man. The friends also say that he has been staying with the couple for a few months and they even had a fight after his birthday was celebrated.

The investigations are on and the police is trying to solve the mystery.