Unbelievable Phobias Of Bollywood Celebrities

Featured-PhobiaAll of us have some sort of phobia, something that we are afraid of. Just like us, these Bollywood celebrities also fear some or the other thing. No matter how different, unbelievable or funny it might sound to some, they are not ashamed of accepting their phobia publicly. After all, fear is just a feeling, an emotion. It doesn’t define us. Here, take a look at some of the most unbelievable phobias that our Bollywood Celebrities have!Shah-Rukh-Khan-)0993Shah Rukh Khan 
Can you guess what Bollywood’s King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan is afraid of? Well, SRK has a phobia of horses. The reason why we never saw the actor mount a horse in any of his films. Finally, even ‘Baadshah‘ is scared of something!Arjun-Kapoor-TattooArjun Kapoor 
Can you believe it that Ishaqzaade star Arjun Kapoor has a phobia of ceiling fans? Yes, you read it right! Apparently, the star is scared of ceiling fans so much that he doesn’t even have one single fan at his home! That’s just unbelievable.Anushka-Sharma-005Anushka Sharma 
We saw Anushka Sharma ride around the city in Royal Enfield bike royally in her film Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Before that, we saw her ride a bike in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi but what if we told you that the actress has a phobia of Bikes? Yes, apparently Anushka Sharma gets scared to death when it comes to bikes. Still, like a professional, she gives her best when a scene demands her to ride a bike.Ajay-Devgn-Don-Look-02Ajay Devgn 
After hearing what Ajay Devgn’s phobia is, you lose your mind. Apparently, the actor has a phobia of eating with his hand. Yes, the actor gets goosebumps with the thought of having food with his hand so much that he eats almost everything with fork and knife, even chappatis. Now that’s some phobia!Funny-prank-Abhishek-BachchanAbhishek Bachchan 
This one will break all the stereotype we have about Bollywood stars and their nutritious healthy diet because apparently, Abhishek Bachchan‘s phobia affects that very healthy ‘nutritious’ diet! The star has a phobia of fruits and can’t even stand a sight of them! In a reality show, Jr. Bachachan openly admitted his fruit phobia and also said that he has never eaten a single fruit till date!Sonam-Kapoor-Sonam Kapoor 
Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor‘s phobia is just as amazing as her! Yes, the actress has a phobia of elevators. Because of her phobia, the actress usually prefers taking the stairs but in choice-less situations, she stands in a corner of a life and waits patiently for her floor to arrive and runs out quickly.Ranbir-Kapoor-Ranbir Kapoor 
Ranbir Kapoor is in the list as well for his phobia of spiders and cockroaches! The Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani  star can’t even stand the sight of the creepy crawlies at all. He dreads cockroaches and spiders.Colors-Party-alia-bhatt-098Alia Bhatt 
Highway actress has a phobia that all of us had at some point in our lives, the fear of darkness! Yes, the actress is so afraid of the dark that she sleeps with dim light on in her bed room.Vidya-Balan-05Vidya Balan
The very talented, mischievous and bubbly actress Vidya Balan has a phobia of cats! It’s not just disliking but serious fear of cats that Vidya has for cats. She can’t even stand near cats.Katrina-Kaif-FunnyKatrina Kaif 
Apart from having a fear of heights, Katrina Kaif has a phobia of tomatoes. Now, as soon as these two words, Katrina and tomato come in front of us, we are taken back to the very famous song from her film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara  where we see the Bang Bang actress drenced in tomatoes. But the fact is, Katrina Kaif has a massive phobia of tomatoes.