We’re Laughing While Being Chased By Zombies In ‘Go Goa Gone’: Vir Das

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MUMBAI: Bollywood’s first-ever zom-com, or zombie comedy, ‘Go Goa Gone’ is all set to hit theatres this weekend. And Vir Das revealed that he loved doing improv while shooting ‘Go Goa Gone’.

“All credit to my directors Raj and DK who allowed me to go all the way,” said Vir. “I want to do things differently and based on my act on stage, I know that 9 out of 10 times it would work for a film as well. I am an actor who loves to improvise and one thing that I love most is to deliver my lines differently. You know, a line said wrong is much more entertaining than being said right. I relish those moments when audience take a second to grasp what just happened and then break into laughter.”

Breaking into Bollywood as a stand-up comic must have been tough?

Vir animatedly replies, “I will tell you something, when I came to India, there was no audience for stand-up comedians. Still, I managed to create some market for that. Now same holds good for a zomcom like ‘Go Goa Gone’. There are inside jokes but the laughter is entirely script based. Yes, we come across zombies. Yes, we don’t know how to tackle them. But then at every point in the film, we and audience are on the same level. We are laughing even as we are being either chased by the zombies or are chasing them back!”

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