Bigg Boss 10: Post Eviction, Akansha Sharma Makes 10 Shocking Revelations


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Akansha Sharma, who participated in the show as a commoner got evicted in the second eviction after Priyanka Jagga. At first, it was surprising to everyone that Delhi-based Akansha Sharma, who has participated on the show as a commoner, is related to cricketer Yuvraj Singh. At the premiere episode of #BB10, Akansha had revealed that she was married to Yuvraj’s younger brother Zorawar in 2014 but their marriage ended up within 5 months. She even went on to reveal that her mother-in-law had tortured her a lot and that she is the reason why she parted ways from her husband. When she was inside the house, Akansha had also made some revelations about her marriage to Gaurav Chopra that left many shocked

On the other hand, her estranged husband Zorawar Singh had a different side of the story. His revelations raised a lot of eyebrows. Well, now that Akansha Sharma is out of the house, she has opened up about her personal life like never before in a recent interview with Mid-day.


On what went wrong in her marriage life: My mother and Shabnam Singh were best friends and they decided to marry us off. I was okay with an arranged match. The wedding was solemnised within a week since their ‘babaji‘ advised so. So, there was no courtship where I could get to know him. I know Zorawar wasn’t a confident person, but later I realised, that was not the only issue; he had been overshadowed all his life. When one child in the house gets all the attention, the other one is bound to feel left out, right? We didn’t have a physical or emotional connect. I was married to two people — Zorawar and his mother. She wanted me to stay in the kitchen all day.

When asked why she did so, Akansha said, “No clue. We had four cooks, but still, I was expected to cook. I was not allowed to go out, shop or even drive the car. She followed me everywhere, including on our honeymoon”. akansha-sharma-yuvraj

After Akansha Sharma had accused Zorawar’s mom of torturing her, Zorawar had also opened up saying that Akansha has refused to stay in a physical relationship. Reacting on the same, Akansha said, “Just because you are married, you don’t have to have s*x immediately. You have to build a comfort level first. But, I was forced into it. She kept saying that if I want financial freedom, I will have to have s*x. I’d rather become a prostitute, right? Maybe, she wanted to tie me down by getting me impregnated.”

akansha-sharma-0010On moving to Gurgaon with her husband: “My mother-in-law accompanied us there as well. There was no escaping her”. 


On partying and staying late night out: I never went alone anywhere; my husband was always there with me. If you meet him, you will know he doesn’t have an opinion of his own. He is his mother’s puppet. When we went out, she would drop us or send her PA. She’d even go through my cupboard and had the servants spy on me.


On Zorawar accusing her of substance use: I won’t deny that. I did smoke pot with my husband and his cousin. But, they are saying all this now to defame me.


If she was ever physically abusedNot really. Yes, my mother-in-law slapped me once, but not too hard. I was mentally tortured every day. And no, Zorawar never forced himself on me. He is a kind person.


A case has been filed against Akansha Sharma in which it has been mentioned that she drinks and also has bottle kept in her bedroom. Reacting to this, Akansha said,When someone is tortured, they would resort to drinking. I never went home carrying a bottle; I know my limits. I never drank alone. Zorawar would often say ‘let’s drink’ and I’d agree.”


If she tried to extort money from them by threatening suicide: I’m a fighter, why will I try to kill myself? I took money from my parents even after marriage. My family kept telling me to give it some more time. Without their support, I thought of running away—even stay on the streets than be tortured every day.”


On Zorawar’s professional status:  He does nothing. The entire family survives on Yuvi’s money.