Freida Pinto: Don’t Want India To See Sex Scenes In ‘Trishna’

Freida Pinto's Love-Making Scenes In Trishna

Freida Pinto’s Love-Making Scenes In Trishna

This is what Freida doesn’t want Indian audiences to see.

Freida Pinto and Riz Ahmed burn up the screen in Trishna with their brutal sex scenes, the kind seldom seen in mainstream movies. In fact so steamy are the sex scenes in Trishna that the producers have decided to present two different versions of the film in English and Hindi to the Indian censor-board.

Apparently Freida is very anxious about these graphic scenes of love-making and hopes that they won’t be shown to Indian audiences. In the film, tearing scenes out of the Kamasutra, Riz Ahmed is shown pulling out all stops (and tearing off all defenses) with Freida Pinto when his character turns bestial in his lust for her.

In fact these love-making scenes are so graphic that Trishna’s producer Sunil Bohra has decided to present two versions of the film to the censor-board.

Explains Bohra, “The dubbed Hindi version would be shown to the censors with the love scenes reduced. I can’t remove them since they carry the story forward. But I can reduce them. I’ll present the English version of Trishna to the censor-board with the love scenes intact. They have more liberal rules about sex in foreign films.”

When asked if there’s pressure on him from Ms Pinto to remove the love-making scenes Bohra replies evasively, “We’ll do what has to be done.”

SLIDESHOW: Freida’s Love Making Scenes In Trishna

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