Gigi Hadid Wears Love For Zayn Malik On T-Shirt

rs_634x634-160515132557-634.Gigi-Hadid-Zayn-Instagram-tt-051516[tps_footer]It is a well-known fact that the most happening and newest celeb couple on the block in Hollywood is the extremely good looking Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. One look at the two during appearances together or even online and you’re left in no doubt that they’re definitely in love and smitten with each other.


Well, while visiting Dave & Buster’s in New York City for Drake’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ after-party, Hadid made what can be considered a rather vengeful fashion statement by sporting a t-shirt with ‘lol ur not Zayn Malik’ emblazoned across it. Gigi’s current beau Malik appeared to be seriously impressed by his lady love as he tweeted a picture of the super-model in her shirt with the caption, ‘Thas ma girl”. Well, Gigi’s current beau Malik as well as her ex, Joe Jonas were both slated to appear at the event and they narrowly missed each other.


We can’t help but wonder if there was more than just a cute gesture behind the supermodel’s wardrobe choice. Is it possible that the supermodel has taken a catty route and wore the t-shirt just to spite her ex? In another shocker and a slightly unnerving incident, both of Gigi’s men looked eerily similar as they were spotted sporting black leather jackets to sing their solo records.

The 21 year old supermodel broke up with Jonas in 2015 and within a few months, rumors of her teaming up with Malik began doing the rounds. It also must be noted that the two boy-band members have been often compared to each other on more occasions than one.[/tps_footer]