Johnny Depp Reveals Why He Never Wants To Win An Oscar!

Hollywood star Johnny Depp is creating a lot of Oscar related buzz with his new film, and now the actor has revealed that he doesn’t want to win an award. According to Depp, being nominated is more than enough as he has no interest in winning any kids of awards. After his role as Whitey Bulger in the film ‘Black Mass’, Johnny Depp is being eyed as a possible Oscar contender for next year. And as soon as the news started kicking in, the actor was poured with all sorts of questions about what an award means to him.

During his recent visit to London, Johnny Depp was interviewed at the BBC channel where the actor revealed that he doesn’t want to win an Oscar ever. The actor believes that it is all friendly and no competition for him, as a nomination is more than enough in his opinion. He further went on to say that the reason why he doesn’t want to win an award is because he doesn’t wish to talk!

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The actor very casually stated that once you win an Oscar, it is like you’ve entered into a competition. Which he doesn’t want for himself. Johnny Depp says he likes sticking to his own thing without caring what others are doing. Depp has always been known to be a reserved person, and thus his this answer is not that surprising. The amazingly talented star has been nominated for his roles in the films ‘Finding Neverland’, ‘Sweeny Todd’ and the first film of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ series.

Johnny Depp’s role as Whitey Bulger, the famous gangster from Boston has left everyone with chills. The actor has given an outstanding performance as the mob leader, which is why the chances of a Best Actor nomination at Academy Awards are way high for the actor this time. Nonetheless, Johnny Depp doesn’t care about the Oscars that’s evident now!

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