Justin Bieber Posts And Immediately Deletes Picture Of Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez

Justin-Bieber-[tps_footer]Relationships between two celebrities somehow always end up become a lot more dram-filled and public than any other relationships. Not only do fans end up getting invested in the private lives of the celebs, but eventually when the relationship ends, the drama keeps turning up. This is the case even with ‘Where Are You Now’ singer Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend and former ‘Disney’ star Selena Gomez. The duo broke up and then got back together again many times but for a long time now, there seems to be no hope of reconciliation. The duo was first linked to each other in May 2010.


A most recent development in their passive-aggressive and indirect social media interactions between the two came from Justin Bieber’s Instagram. On Sunday, the singer posted a clearly manipulated jacket which was part of the ‘Purpose’ World Tour merchandise. Within a short time, he also deleted the image for an unknown reason. We wonder if it was out of fear of fan’s reactions or if JB though that this was just a rather immature move – whatever the reason may be, it was a sensible move.

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Selena Gomez has not yet responded to this post and delete coup and it doesn’t look like she will be doing so anytime soon. Recently, she crumpled and tossed aside a ‘Please Marry Justin’ banner made and given by a fan to her. Doesn’t look like the actions of someone who wants to get back together!

Bieber was seen recently sporting a minimalist face-tattoo that virtually overnight became a trending topic on social media.[/tps_footer]