Met Gala 2016: Robert Pattinson Arrives With Fiancé FKA Twigs But Matches With Kristen Stewart?

[tps_footer]Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart parted ways long back and the two stars make it a point not to dash into each other at various social events. However, during the Met Gala 2016, the two mind blowing stars were present at the same spot at the same time after years. Robert and Kristen’s love story was adored by the masses all over the world.


The Twilight stars parted ways when Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert with Rupert Sanders. Soon after the break-up, Pattinson moved on with FKA Twigs and the two are now engaged. Rob and Kristen have always gathered wide eyes whenever they are at the same place. After the much public break up the two stars were once again spotted at the red carpet of the Met Gala 2016.


Robert Pattinson arrived with fiancé FKA Twigs but there was one unmissable similarity between the two past lovers. Both Robert and Kristen donned a similar thin ring around their earlobe. The piece of accessory was highly identical and the fans could not stop ranting about the same.

The shocking coincidence surely caught everyone’s eye. Well, even though Robert arrived with FKA Twigs reports suggest that not all is well between the two. Apparently, Kristen Stewart is already single and Robert and Twigs too are speculated to be in a sad state.

Well, with this coincident similarity the Kris-Rob fans are all the more excited about their reconciliation![/tps_footer]