Michael Jackson Was A Paedophile? Police Reports Hint At The Same

Michael Jackson pointing out to the crowd in Moscow concert performance. (Photo by robert wallis/Corbis via Getty Images)

[tps_footer]Global sensation Michael Jackson who died in the year 2009 shockingly had some grave deep dark secrets. The King of Pop who was adored by millions all over the world breathed his last at the age of 50. Michael’s death had loads of theories and also the autopsy reports were tricky and off the point. After so many years, the songwriter and singer is again in news for something unbelievable.


The recently revealed police reports have described gruesome details of Jackson’s life. The artist who is still an idol to many was apparently very infamous in his doings. The police reports reveal that Michael Jackson was an ardent drug and se* predator. Reports state that a stock of animal torture was found at Michael Jackson’s residence Neverland Valley Ranch.


A book was retrieved from the investigation which depicted male bare photographs and homose*ual acts. Several records of young boys engaged in se*ual activities were also reported. The following report has shown a shockingly different side of the superstar.

In the year 2003, Michael Jackson was charged with child molestation, but the star was later acquitted of all charges in 2005. Moreover, the recent reports reveal that there were shocking images of child abuse and female bondage found in the star’s residence.

It is being said that Jackson paid almost $200 million to at least 20 individuals for out of court settlements.[/tps_footer]