aVinci inks deal with major music labels

MUMBAI: Sequoia Media Group, developer of the aVinci Experience product line, signed agreements with the music industry’s top record labels and music publishers, giving aVinci customers the ability to legally synchronize specifically licensed titles of popular music to consumer created personal productions including slideshows and full motion DVDs.


Agreements have been signed with Warner Music Group, Rhino Entertainment, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Walt Disney Records, EMI Music Entertainment World and others. Sequoia is continually adding new licensed music to its library and now has the industry’s largest library of pre-licensed popular and royalty-free music soundtracks available for personal use.


“Music profoundly effects the emotion of a video production,” stated Sequoia president and CEO Chett Paulsen. “aVinci customers now have a legal, licensed alternative allowing them to include popular tunes, including many of their favorite songs and artists with their priceless videos, DVDs, streaming files and slideshow productions.”


Sequoia VP of business development Terry Dickson added, “Synchronization and master rights are protected by law and there are stiff penalties for non-compliance. Such rights typically require contracts with multiple owners, from publishers, to artists. These rights differ from the mechanical rights with which they are most commonly confused. Arguments such as ‘Fair Use Doctrine’ and ‘I bought the CD, so I own the rights’ or ‘add the music yourself at home,’ are incorrect and likely represent illegal use of copyrighted material.”


Because synchronization rights are difficult to obtain and often expensive, the photo and video industry has largely ignored the requirements associated with legal use of soundtracks and implicitly encourage the illegal synchronization of licensed music. As Sequoia continues to provide groundbreaking relationships with the owners of music rights, enforcement of copyright laws in the music industry will likely increase.


Sequoia intends to launch a line of simple, styled photo slideshow DVD productions set to popular music for as low as $14.99, available at photo retailers nationwide. For only a few dollars more, customers can create themed movie productions with their personal photos, complete with Hollywood special effects, licensed media and professional artwork.


The aVinci Experience product line is the first to automate the creation of professional-quality multi-media productions using patent-pending proprietary technology allowing consumers to create beautiful keepsake productions in mere minutes. For more information, visit www.sequoiamg.com.