Barco projector premieres U2 3D at Sundance

MUMBAI: Barco, a leader in digital cinema, has announced that its new DP-3000 digital cinema projector has been selected for the World Premiere of U2 3D at the Sundance Film Festival.


“Barco’s DP-3000 digital cinema projector delivers world-class picture-perfect 3D images. Their projectors were at the center of the historic premiere of 3ality’s U2 3D film at the Sundance Festival. Barco moves 3D to a new level in the cinema going experience and we thank them for making this landmark screening of “U2 3D” a success,” said Director of Digital Initiatives Ian Calderon.


“We’re honored to have been selected for the premiere of 3ality’s U2 3D at the Sundance Film Festival. Barco has been directly involved with U2 concerts from the video design perspective for the last few years, it only seemed appropriate to provide our brightest and best projector for this unprecedented 3D event,” said Barco’s Digital Cinema director of sales Joe DeMeo.


U2 3D puts viewers within the pulsing energy of a live U2 stadium concert. Marrying innovative digital 3D imagery and 5.1 surround sound, it creates an immersive theatrical experience unlike any 3D or concert film that has come before.


The DP-3000 is Barco’s new flagship digital cinema projector, and the brightest digital cinema projector in the industry. At over 30,000 lumens and using Texas Instruments’ 1.2 inch DLP Cinema chip, the DP-3000 is designed for 2D screens up to 30m (98′) wide and 3D screens over 50′ wide.  With over 2000:1 contrast ratio, new motorized lenses, a new optical design and high efficiency 6.5kW lamps, the DP-3000 exemplifies Barco’s hallmark attributes of image quality, reliability and robustness.


The pioneering DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments, which is used in all of Barco’s 2K digital cinema projectors, guarantees perfect re-production of film, time and time again, and ensures movie goers enjoy the highest quality film experience with consistent picture brightness, contrast and vibrant colors. Barco holds one of only three exclusive licenses of Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema technology.