Cartoon Network, Outblaze joins forces

MUMBAI: Outblaze, an online service platform providing white label email, collaboration, security and social media services, has entered into a strategic partnership with Turner Entertainment Holdings Asia Pacific (Turner).


The joint venture, Turnout Ventures Limited (TurnOut), will leverage the web expertise of Outblaze to launch highly interactive community networks customized around Cartoon Network’s ( extensive library of established brands and characters.


Outblaze will enhance Cartoon Network’s portals in Asia to be more interactive and support user-generated content. Services including blogs, games, instant messaging and a full suite of video creation, editing and sharing capabilities, will be customized to the look and feel of Cartoon Network. The joint venture will serve to strengthen Turner’s digital and online assets in the region and provide Outblaze an opportunity to leverage its robust and scalable infrastructure to grow its business.


“The continued growth of broadband, mobile phones and other digital technologies has dramatically changed the way in which people access and consume content. With the proven track record of Outblaze in creating successful web businesses, Turner is well-positioned to break through the digital clutter, and offer our diverse content in a branded environment familiar to our audience,” said Turner International Asia Pacific vice president, business development YewMing Lau. “Digital distribution is the future and, as an entertainment super brand, Cartoon Network’s strong presence in the social networking space is necessary to keep our audience engaged.”


In addition to the community sites, other plans include the development of online businesses in the region (including China), such as multi-player games, licensing and merchandising, educational products and other businesses that will leverage Cartoon Network and acquired brands.


“Our suite of hosted services allows media companies to improve their social media offering to their target audiences,” said Outblaze CEO and Founder Yat Siu. “Turner is a world leader in children’s programming and media content and we are very excited to be working alongside them in their drive to stay one step ahead of the consumers of tomorrow.”